About Us


Kung fu (also spelled gongfu or gung fu) is a well-known Chinese term often used to refer to martial arts that originate from China. The Chinese words “kung” and “fu” literally refers to individual accomplishment through a cultivated skill, or skill that is derived from hard training.

Within kung fu there are many different “styles”. Some of the styles fight by mimicking the movements of animals. Some focus more on sport, entertainment or meditation than fighting.

You may hear of a “hard” style or a “soft” style of kung fu. This does not refer to how hard the martial art hits, for practitioners of both hard and soft styles are capable of generating enormous amounts of power. The difference lies in how the art deals with the force of the attack. If the art uses the aggressor’s force and momentum against him by leading the attack into emptiness, a soft style is being used. If the art meets force with force by directly blocking the technique with another head-on force the receiver is using a hard style of kung fu.

We advocate training in a style that suits your goals and personality.


Wing chun, also spelled ving tsun, is considered by many to be one of the most effective Chinese martial arts. It is based on a number of theories, scientific principles and techniques designed to provide the most benefit from the least amount of physical energy.

As the art became more popular, many different romanizations for the Chinese characters “wing chun” were created. The spelling ving tsun was adopted by Grand Master Ip Man and his direct descendants. The most common spelling is “wing chun” which applies generally to all families.

Ving tsun is a soft style of kung fu, never meeting force with force. It is a striking and controlling style so it will strike while evading or redirecting the opponent’s attack. The goal is to hit with control and precision so only one strike is required even though ving tsun practitioner is positioned and capable of delivering multiple strikes per second. One of our guiding principles is that a student should be able to defeat a person twice his or her size; and instructgors should therefore be able to teach a student half his or her size.

Ving tsun also strives to be as efficient in motion, time and energy as possible.


Wai’s Kung Fu is committed to bringing the highest quality pure ving tsun kung fu instruction by passing down the proven traditional methods without alteration. We have found it to be very difficult to improve upon 4,000 years of collective time-tested battlefield experience.

Head Instructor, Sifu Wayne Belonoha is a student and recognized instructor under Sunny Tang. He is a recognized author and is ranked as Senior Master by the International Moy Yat Ving Tsun Federation.

Sifu Wayne Belonoha’s Chinese last name is Wai, hence the name “Wai’s Kung Fu”. Wai’s is, interestingly enough, pronounced Wise. So if you’re thinking about joining a martial art, we would like you to make the wise choice.