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by Grandmaster Miguel Hernandez, student of Patriarch Moy Yat. 


A Comprehensive Mind-Body-Emotion Approach to Martial Arts Training


Mental Skills In Martial Arts presents a profile of the mentally tough martial artist within everyone, suggesting that the mind, body and emotions can be blended to enhance the quality of training. This is a book that causes martial artists to rediscover their full potential, whether the field of martial arts is competitive or noncompetitive.


Mental Skills In Martial Arts helps you:

  • Reduce stress and increase energy through training.
  • To break the circuit of tension.
  • Relax as a source of strength.
  • Use mental rehearsal to learn physical skills.
  • Understand whole body awareness.
  • Balance unity of the mind, body and emotions.



Mental Skills in Martial Arts

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  • ISBN 1-57502-447-0

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