Sifu Wayne

Your New Kung Fu Teacher.

Sifu Wayne is renowned in the martial arts world and beyond. 


Known for top quality products and services he has mastered many different domains. 


A best selling published author, writer, lineage holder, world-class instructor, judge, photographer, professional educator and consultant, tea master, lineage holder, youtube influencer, successful business owner, and motivator - who even performed for the Queen - Sifu Wayne knows how to get stuff done.


And what's his next goal? It's to make sure you get highly skilled, quickly, in the prestigious lineage of Patriarch Ip Man Ving Tsun.

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Learn from a world renowned, professional instructor.


Hall Of Fame Inductee

Learn From An Internationally Recognized Master

Sifu Wayne has been inducted into the


USA Martial Arts Hall Of Fame

International Ving Tsun Hall Of Fame

International Traditional Wushu Kung Fu Hall Of Fame

Sunny Tang Gold Sash Hall Of Fame

Sifu Wayne is widely recognized for his skill, knowledge and contributions to martial arts.


World Champion

Develop World Class Skills With Sifu Wayne

Sifu Wayne himself has won gold medals at countless national and international events. He won gold in 3 events at the highly competitive Pan American Games in wing chun competition. It was judged by a host of internationally recognized grand masters including Patriarch Moy Yat, who personally awarded Wayne 2 of his 3 gold medals.


Now teaching full time, Sifu Wayne's and his students travel the world to attend international competitions and bringing home gold medals.

Although our focus in training is for the street and not for winning medals, it sure is a nice perk.

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Professional Skills

Trust Who The Industry Trusts

Wayne was highly sought after to help some of the biggest companies save time and money by improving their efficiency, including Alberta Electric System Operator, Allied Domecq, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bell Canada, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Citibank, City of Guelph, Coca Cola, Cooper Standard Auto, Deloitte, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of National Defense, Enbridge Inc., EnCana Corporation, Ernst & Yonge, Fortis Alberta, Hewlett Packard, Hiram Walker, IBM, London Life, L'Oreal, Manulife, Mark’s Work Warehouse, Municipality of Chatham-Kent, North Peace Savings & Credit Union, Purolator Courier, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Rogers Communications Inc., Saudi Aramco on behalf of Saudi Business Machines, Scotiabank, Silicon Graphics, Stelco, Toronto Dominion Bank, Toronto Stock Exchange, TransCanada Pipelines, Veritas, Department of National Defense. Optimized methods and improved organizational maturity netted hundreds of millions of dollars in efficiency savings per year for his clients.


His team of 80 professionals were focused on helping others become more efficient and ultimately became an industry leading multi-million dollar professional services company.


Wayne was also a well known speaker and teacher in the project management industry.  Having created and delivered courses on behalf of the Project Management Institute, he was invited to speak at Project World, Bell National Project Management Conference and was a regular speaker at Project Management Institute Branches.

He also taught management and leadership courses for Humber Institute of Advanced Learning, Boston University, and IBM.

Sifu Wayne brings his skills at course development, improving efficiency while keeping quality high, customer satisfaction and teaching to you.

Learn From A Professional Instructor.


Wai's Kung Fu

World Class Kung Fu School

Wayne retired and now teaches kung fu full time. He applies his hard earned professional skills to bring wing chun to you as owner and head instructor of Wai's Kung Fu. 

He has optimized the wing chun program so there's no wasted or duplicate effort. His school, either the online course or physical classes, will get you as good as you can be as fast as possible.

His courses are geared towards professionals and are professionally produced. Having been a professional instructor, he knows how to get the message across clearly and simply - even when the topic is difficult or complex.

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Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

Sifu Wayne has been fortunate to have learned from some of the most respected Grandmasters and Lineage Holders on the planet. And you know what he learned? 

At the highest levels, all real martial arts become efficient, effective, and elegant. Big fancy techniques give way to simple ones. 

Sifu Wayne really has stood on the shoulders of giants, and learned directly from the Grandmasters of many styles how to maximize effectiveness, power and efficiency.

"It's with great gratitude and humility that I pass along the lessons of the many Grandmasters I've learned from."

Generations Of Knowledge In One Place.



Sifu Wayne Performed For The Queen (and more)

Sifu Wayne has been extensively featured live, in print & in video.


Sifu Wayne has been honored to have been invited to perform for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, at the Grand Opening of the Ip Man Hall in Foshan China and at the Grand Opening of the Bruce Lee Paradise in Bruce's hometown of Shunde, Foshan, China where the largest Bruce Lee statue in the world resides.


Sifu Wayne was featured on the cover of numerous martial arts magazines including the widely reviewed Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine.

Sifu Wayne has also performed at countless tournaments and kung fu events plus been featured in magazine articles, on radio and TV, online interviews & seminars.

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Awards, Credentials & Executive Positions

  • Disciple & Lineage Representative, Grandmaster Sunny Tang

  • Level 7 Senior Master, International Moy Yat Ving Tsun Federation

  • Flagship Instructor, Wing Chun University

  • Staff Writer, Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine

  • International Wushu Federation, Consultant, Standards Committee

  • Vice President & Lifetime Member, International Moy Yat Ving Tsun Federation

  • Consultant & Honorary Lifetime Member, Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations

  • Vice President (Past), Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations

  • Exceptional Ability Recognition, USA Citizenship & Immigration Services

  • Award of Recognition, Mayor Mel Lastman, Toronto

  • Welcome to Atlanta Award, Mayor Kasim Reed

  • Outstanding Contribution Award, Wushu Canada

  • Canadian National Team Lead (2013)

  • Judge, 2018 World Wing Chun Open Competition, Foshan, China

  • Instructor, IWUF Wing Chun Judge Training Course, He Bei, China

Learn From A Highly Accomplished, Professional, Instructor.


Best Selling Author

Sifu Wayne Is A Writer & Best Selling Author

Sifu Wayne's "Wing Chun Compendium" books are Amazon's Best Selling Wing Chun Books.

  • Author, Wing Chun Compendium Volumes 1 & 2

  • Author, An Approach to Ip Man Wing Chun

  • Author, Wing Chun Plum Flower Posts

  • Author, The Complete Ving Tsun System, 9 Disk BluRay Set

  • Staff Writer, Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine

  • Magazine Contributor, Over 80 Published Articles & Papers

Sifu Wayne's Knowledge Is On Every Bookshelf.



Product Photos, Magazine Covers, Tournaments, Nature & More

Sifu Wayne is also a professional photographer. He's most widely known for shooting 5 magazine covers for Wing Chun Illustrated magazine. Stars that he's covered include:

  • Grandmaster Sunny Tang

  • Grandmaster Ip Chun

  • Grandmaster William Moy