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Try It Today!

Ip Man Wing Chun is the real deal and this is A GREAT chance to TRY IT RISK FREE.

Safe, Fun, Super Interesting & we have a great group of people for you to train alongside.

If you want to learn to protect yourself and loved ones, be happier, calmer and more successful -right here, right now is the time for action.

Sign up today and start your 2 week free trial. 

Ving Tsun Essentials Plan



Every month

Learn pressure tested self defense, get fit, have fun, and improve your overall wellness.

Valid until canceled

We Teach Ip Man Ving Tsun

There are many families and styles of wing chun. Some families are led by instructors with a direct lineage and others are not.  We represent the distinguished lineage of Patriarch Ip Man. Without a lineage certification, you don't know what you're getting.

We Have A Cohesive System

Just because it fits doesn't mean it fits. Many styles are just a collection of point solutions jammed together. They appear to work together as a cohesive team but upon closer inspection gaps are revealed. Race cars are good. Tractor trailers are good. Race car wheels don't work on tractor trailers. Martial arts are fit for purpose and the techniques from one often don't fit another - even if they may appear to.

We Have A Beautiful Facility

Our 5,000 sq. ft. facility is a place you can be proud to train. It's beautiful, clean and big. You can consider our school, library and other facilities to be your second home in West Midtown. Have to study, work or take a meeting? Use one of the spare offices in your second downtown home.

We Are A Soft Style

Using good biomechanics, we can redirect heavy incoming force while striking with power beyond our size. Couple this with intelligent strategy and we are able to defeat much larger opponents. Wrestling, grappling and other sports put the smaller opponent at a disadvantage - which is why they have weight classes. Wing chun levels the playing field.

We Wear Shoes

We say no to bare feet. We wear shoes on the street, so we wear shoes to train. If you're concerned about hygiene, come train with us. 

Internationally Renowned

Sifu Wayne is internationally recognized as a master instructor, judge, wing chun authority and author.  If you're interested in learning, Wai's Kung Fu is the place to come.

We Have A Family Environment

Our school resembles a traditional family environment where we take care of each other and help each other grow. This is contrasted by schools that have a paramilitary or "fight club" environment. It's a real place you can learn and not just get beat up.

We Are Specialists

We've been studying and teaching wing chun kung fu for over 30 years. With deep knowledge and developed skill there is no situation it can't handle. Don't trust your security training to anybody but a specialist - it could literally be a life or death decision.

We Were Named "Best Of Atlanta"

We were honored with the "Best Of Atlanta" in 2021 and 2023 award for martial arts schools. We were selected based on "quality, not quantity" and "best practices and programs to demonstrate long-term value" for our members.

We Teach Warrior Scholars

Deep study of efficiency, economical movement & philosophy leads us to be intelligent fighters and critical thinkers with high EQ. We're teaching skills that will be of benefit on the street, in the boardroom, and in all your relationships. We also develop a valuable mastery of soft power, which can divert and de-escalate attacks before they become physically violent.

Moy Yat Federation Member

Wai's Kung Fu is recognized as an official school, and sifu Wayne is recognized as a 7th Level Senior Master by the International Moy Yat Ving Tsun Federation. 


Monte, Global Head of Recruitment

"Hi, I'm Monté, one of sifu Wayne's students. A few short years ago I was like you looking for a martial arts school, and not really sure what I would get. I'd like to try to help you out. At Wai's Kung Fu, the focus was consistently on helping me develop my skills. There was never any pressure to sign any long term financial commitment or other tricks. Plain and simple, sifu Wayne is a real professional who treats all of us like family. He really wants us to learn the traditional and effective martial skills and never holds back any detail.

I’m still here after 10 years, working on the wooden dummy and swords, and helping to teach. I couldn’t have asked for better experience! I hope you'll read on and consider trying out Wai's Kung Fu.


Come visit during class and talk with me if you'd like."

Come learn something incredible that can literally save your life.

Ving Tsun Essentials Plan



Every month

Learn pressure tested self defense, get fit, have fun, and improve your overall wellness.

Valid until canceled

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