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 Join us and become the next in a lineage of famous Wing Chun masters and grandmasters that dates back 400 years to Shaolin Temple. We are the keepers of real kung fu knowledge and look forward to passing it to you.



Sifu Wayne has been studying martial arts  for over 40 years and has lived and learned directly from the source, in China. He’s written the best selling wing chun books on the market and is recognized for his skillful execution and attention to detail when teaching. He has produced world champion gold medalists and excellent fighters and has been inducted into two halls of fame. You now have the opportunity to learn directly from him.



No Weight Classes

The person who attacks you could be twice your size. Learn to take down the giants with surgical precision and full-body power.

No Referees

Whoever attacks you will likely fight dirty and no referee will stop the fight if you get hurt. Be prepared to handle any type of attack with confidence using good strategy and technique.

No Protective Gear

Getting hit with and without gloves is night and day. Don't get accustomed to being protected by gear. You won't have it on the street.

No Mr. Nice Guy

Your attacker won't be playing nice, and there may be more than one. And they may have knives, sticks or even guns. You may be surprised and won't have time. You need a weapon that's always instantly ready.


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Outer Kung Fu

Protect Your Body


Martial Technique

Health & Fitness

Stress Relief

Physical Comfort

Improved Immunity

Better Sleep


our complete program delivers the inner and outer kung fu needed to defend yourself against physical and mental harm and live a happy, long life.

Protect Your Mind


Inner Peace





Inner Kung Fu

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