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  • Over 150 swords for you to feel, including ancient rebellion swords.

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A professional golfer has his or her clubs customized.


At the highest levels of play, the tool is designed to fit the player.

A slower swing speed means a more flexible shaft is needed. The tennis player chooses how tightly their racket is strung. The hockey player chooses how much flex their stick will have. The bowling ball will be weighted perfectly for the player. 

This is true in wing chun too!

The shape of the sword must align with the style. A wing chun stylist that leans toward chopping or heavy strikes will need a sword that is heavier or weighted toward the end. A person that's more rapid fire with quick changes will need a sword that's lighter and nimble. 

Ultimately, each person will find a sword that speaks to them. It naturally matches their expression of wing chun.

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I was asked to write about this concept for Wing Chun Illustrated magazine, Issue 39, while I was in Hong Kong meeting with the wing chun masters there.

Having designed numerous pairs of swords and handled literally thousands of different pairs and it's fair to say I have a good idea of the variety that exists - and why.

Don't spend your hard earned money on a pair of swords that don't fit your style. You'll be unhappy with them. Come get a feel for the pair that suits you first. Come visit our wing chun sword collection.

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"When I lived in China, I scoured the southern countryside from Foshan to Hong Kong, the primary rebellion zone, to find these rare historical artifacts." 

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"These swords are heavy and long. They feel like a weapon.

If I had to endure a zombie apocalypse, these would be by my side.

Come see the collection and find out why for yourself."

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Would you believe

I've handled every one of the wing chun swords that is and has been carried by Everything Wing Chun. That's over 200 of the highest quality swords made today, designed for players from every lineage.

 I've handled swords from Grandmaster Ip Ching, Grandmaster Moy Yat, Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin, Grandmaster Wong Shun Leung, and more!. Each grandmaster's sword design taught me something about them, their preferences and their kung fu.

The sword itself has a lot to teach.


These contemporary swords are gorgeous.
Where can I buy them or have a custom one made?

Want to try before you buy? Visit our sword museum. 

Stabber-11-12-13-14 - Take 2
FS02 All 02
3059-BJD-EWC-FS02-C11-D2-HG-B - Flat and Standing - Handle Focus
3059-BJD-EWC-FS02-C13-D2-HG-B - Crossed
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  • Over 150 swords for you to feel, including ancient rebellion swords.

    Read More

    1 hr

    125 US dollars
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