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I Invite You To Join Me!

Come experience tea done well. 
Green, White, Oolong, Red, Black & Pu'Er Teas.

See what you've been missing.

Come in for a free tea tasting or sample a number of different teas with one of our longer services.

A truly unique and enjoyable experience for yourself, date night, business meeting or for a healthy and relaxing time with your friends.


Gong Fu Tea

Gong Fu Tea is the developed skill of brewing tea. Brewing in small batches with the right tools, knowledge and attention to detail produces the best flavor. From light to dark, gourmet teas provide depth of flavor to engage tea sommeliers and tea masters.

Always delicious. Never bitter. Never astringent.

Free Tea Sampling

Want to see what all the hype is about? For Free?

Sign up for our 1 Tea session and use promo code 
FreeTea at checkout (a $15 value).