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"A must have for anybody wanting to excel in wing chun"

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Personalized to you 

by Sifu Wayne


Why Are These Books So Popular?

"I've spent my life in the martial arts. I've lived in China and met, trained with, and exchanged information with the real grandmasters from many different lineages of wing chun and different styles. 

Do you know what I discovered?

At the highest levels, all masters optimize, displaying skillful economy of effort.

The overlap between many of the high level martial arts is astounding, whether it was Wing Chun, Praying Mantis, Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Traditional Wushu, Dragon Style or even non-Chinese arts like Karate and Muay Thai.

My books are popular because I'm passing along the universal and timeless secrets and knowledge that all the real grandmasters know and apply."

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Speaking of universal and timeless secrets, in 1967 Patriarch Ip Man commissioned Moy Yat to carve the Ving Tsun Kuen Kuit, the collection of Wing Chun Kung Fu idioms, into stone. Moy Yat along with Chi Nam Kwong, completed this daunting task.

With access to this rare collection, I was able to catalog and translate the entire collection of 51 chops. 


Those translations are passed to you through the Wing Chun Compendium.

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The Focus Is On Universally Helpful Truths

Not "My Way" versus "Your Way"

One of my mentors summarized book reading to me in a way that really made an impact. He said "In a few hours you can have access to an entire lifetime of experience and lessons from a true expert by just reading a book they wrote. Think of the time and money investment they put in - and you get it quickly and cheaply. You can't pass up value like that."

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"Master one thing to master everything"

Talk to any professional in any field. They will know the path to mastery - regardless of subdomain. It's because the path to mastery is the same. Attention to the right details, a lot of purposeful practice, investing in loss, having a "success" mindset, and more. 


 My book uses wing chun to put focus on these criteria that are important for you to master your style - and also be more confident and have a happier, safer life. The method to get these things is not reserved for wing chun people.

How's that possible?


There is more than one right way!

There are many paths up the mountain.

You're probably thinking,

"Wait, that's one of those universal truths that the grandmasters keep talking about."


My books have become so successful because I'm not trying to tell you my way is the only way or the best way. I don't even try to convince you to take the path I took.  I want to support you in finding your own path by giving you the solid universal tips, techniques and methods that I was given and guided me. 

If you are "advanced with gaps" or perpetually stuck at "advanced beginner", this book will help get you moving forward again. If you are starting fresh, it will help you not to go astray. If you are already learning at another school, the book will support your lessons and help you ask intelligent questions.


Whatever your situation there's something here for you.

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Sao, Po, Lei

The Path To Mastery

The path to mastery is

well known by the grand masters, and now, you.

In the Sao stage, the novice learns and follows the rules as given by a teacher and works through the advanced beginner stage to competence stage. If you are concerned that the techniques in the book are different than you were taught, it's ok. The structure you seek is important for this stage. As you read you will certainly find similarities between your methods and the ones in the book plus new information and perspectives that supports your learning.

These books will help you through the Sau Stage.

In the Po stage, the competent learner reviews what has been learned and grows to become proficient and eventually an expert. They disassemble and dissect what they've learned and reassemble with new understanding striving to gain a deeper understanding and intuitive application. The knowledge, examples, theories, philosophy and stories in these books will give the perspective and support to move into the expert stage.

These books will help you through the Po Stage too.

In the Lei stage, the expert transforms into a true master. Their intuition and judgments are uncommonly reliable, they shows skill and economy of effort, and can deal with rare or difficult situations. Their craft has become solidified and is applied easily as a natural part of life. The learner has become the master and is living their kung fu.

These books will continue to guide even at the highest Lei Stage with timeless philosophy and theory passed along from a wide range of Grandmasters.

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