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Become More Productive With Kung Fu

Famous gazillionaire Elon Musk has admitted what we all knew all along. He attributes his productivity to a workout each day.

He says, and the experts agree, that exercise each day reduces stress, keeps him healthy, and allows him to suppress anxiety that pops up during the day.

Without the anxiety that takes focus from the task at hand, we're all able to concentrate better and for longer periods. This improves productivity.

Now we're not talking about a over the top 1-hour crossfit workout; just 15 minutes will do. I suggest to do all your forms just once with some vigor. By the end you will have improved your kung fu, chewed into some of those calories you'll eat today, given your body some of that exercise it enjoys - and - set yourself up for a more productive and stress free day.

Try it. All your forms once a day (with vigor) for 30 days.

Personally speaking, if you want to supercharge those benefits, have some tea too. Preferably high quality gong fu tea - the brewing method brings out the real tea's flavor and no sugar or milk are needed.


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