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News: New Workshop: Preventing Emergencies

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Free for subscribers to my Complete Ving Tsun System Workshops Course.

My latest hands-on workshop video (#19) Understanding & Preventing Emergencies is now available for viewing at It will also be available shortly on Everything Wing Chun and Wing Chun University.


Taking unnecessary risks is dangerous, and taking unnecessary risks without knowing you’re taking a risk is even more so.

In this workshop we will learn how to

  • maximize our safety

  • identify risky and emergency techniques

  • 5 primary causes of emergencies

  • be able to calculate the risk and take only calculated risks

  • take advantage of risky movements that others make

  • biu ji techniques you can use to recover from emergencies & the risks inherent in each

Applying this knowledge is key to winning a fight and never underestimating your opponent. The good habits engrained through understanding these concepts are very valuable to all martial artists, and wing chun practitioners of all lineages.

This professionally designed and produced course by sifu Wayne is well structured so you will get the most out of it. It has clear objectives, sections, demonstrations and exercises that you can do to practice growing your skills. Sifu Wayne’s experience creating and delivering professional corporate training comes through in this workshop so you’re guaranteed to get high quality information delivered clearly and in a way you can use.

Pick up this video and learn how to make sure your techniques are solid and safe – and take advantage of the risks your opponent doesn’t know he’s taking.

My Complete Ving Tsun Program course is a one time fixed price for lifetime access. That gets you over 15 hours of valuable information covering all the domains of the system, organized with my 108 step curriculum.

You can then subscribe to separate courses; one that includes all my workshops and another that includes all my in-class lessons. You can check them all out at

Thanks for watching!

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