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Self Defense Includes Protecting Against Mental Harm Too

When people think about martial arts and self defense, they too often think that means protecting themselves against a physical attack by another person. This is one of the things we at Wai's Kung Fu do teach you to protect against.

But there is so much more. Violence can be seen as any action that will do a person harm. There are many types of violence that need an equal amount of attention.

Verbal & Emotional Violence

Using words to intimidate, threaten, manipulate or keep control over someone is verbal violence. Verbal violence can be insults, unsupportive or demeaning words, words that cause fear and more. And the violence does not have to be verbal too. Actions, or the threat of actions, can be emotional violence. This will include things like slamming of doors or damaging things.


We will help you develop skills to avoid self harm too. Self harm can be all those things that erode your health and happiness. Self harm to your body can include eating poorly, not exercising or consuming too much alcohol.

Self harm to your mind can include negative self-talk, stalled personal growth, mental fear, excessive want or low emotional intelligence. Not having methods to deal with these types of violence is as important as not having methods to deal with a physical attack (some may argue they are more important). Once self harm has been eradicated, a person's outlook will become more positive and more happiness will enter their lives. Relationships will improve as will opportunity and even money will increase.

A protected body leads to health. A protected mind leads to happiness. As head instructor at Wai's Kung Fu, I don't teach you just how to fight, I teach you how to have a long and happy life.

I do this using Ving Tsun Kung Fu, it protects the body and develops the mind. Enjoying Gong Fu Tea allows the mind to calm down and heal. The organic mountain-grown Chinese tea is well known for its health benefits that contribute to protecting and healing the body too. Join us for tea or kung fu - we look forward to meeting you.

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