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News: New Video Lessons Added

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Announcing new videos added to my online course's "Bonus Lessons" section. For those of you who have subscribed, these lessons are free - and if you're not subscribed I ask that you check it out.

These latest lessons further my attempts to bring you information as it's delivered to my students during class.

The new lessons I added are:

  • 2021 Lesson 08) Changing techniques on the half step

  • 2021 Lesson 09) The hit has no power

  • 2021 Lesson 10) If you do it right you will hit

  • 2021 Lesson 11) The hit has to be clean

  • 2021 Lesson 12) Tanking takes time

  • 2021 Lesson 13) The tempo of an activity

  • 2021 Lesson 14) There is no time

I hope you enjoy these new lessons.

WCU Course Bonus Lessons

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